Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vic Murphy

So I take my son to one of the many festivals that happen this time of year at Tempe Town Lake.  I was not really sure what this one was all about, it was called Cityscape and there was suppose to be some extreme sports going down.  We rolled down on our bikes, it was pretty crowded, after a bit I see a girl with a I Love Dirt Bros shirt on!  After walking around I find the full Dirt Bros booth and ask if Vic was around, he was out and about in the crowd.  So I end up running into Vic, he was there to spread the word on religion and was doing some demos.  I snapped a couple of pics and we talked for a bit. I ended leaving and then coming back with a pic that Devin took of Vic at Thrasherland back in 91 or so.  Found Vic again and rapped for about a half hour.  I had not seen him since we stayed at the House of Dirt back in 91 or so, he fully remembered us staying there.  Had him sign the snap devin took.  He was stoked on my Dirt Bros Skyway TA set up and has it posted on his Facebook page.

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