Friday, July 15, 2011

THE FLAMING LIPS - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 6/17/11

I was so stoked when I heard they were going to play in Vegas at The Cosmopolitan, Blvd Pool on the roof!  I bought tickets the day they went on sale, ends up the Cosmo sent out promo deals to stay for the weekend and see the show for free,  Mike V/Bruce, The Rollers and Herm all scored free rooms!  Brian flew out and met Tommy and I.  The show was awesome as usual. 

We pre-partied at Mike V and Bruces place  50ish floor, super plush room with a nice view!

Bruce workin the vinyl.

This venue is nice, they cover the rooftop pool and set up stage, they have a huge backdrop screen over the strip so people down below can watch and hear the show!

 Hung out poolside the next day, the stage was set up by those palm trees.

 Looking a little beat up! Could call it a Skunk Bros 20th reunion!


Tommy and I checked the Vegas craigslist before we drove out, met a cool dude in Henderson with a bunch of BMX.  We checked the stuff out but didn't really have $$ to buy bikes before the show, so we told him we would be back after winning the jackpot.  Ends up I hit for a G on the way out and Tommy did good too!  Hit the dude up on the way out, I picke up this 1990 Redline, mainly grabbed it for the cranks and bars, also got some 48 spoke white Z rims, stoked!

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